Hi Freezy Primaria

English for Kids

Hi Freezy Pre-school was thought and made for kindergarten students to give them a solid support in the learning of English as a second language.
The series has a teacher’s book which includes worksheets with activities that help the development of the contents of each book. In addition, the series is provided with flashcards, posters, and an audio CD.

Hi Freezy 1

Unit 1: Hello
Unit 2: How old are you?
Unit 3: What's this? What's that?
Unit 4: My family
Unit 5: My body
Unit 6: I'm happy
Unit 7: Let's party
Unit 8: I have a yo-yo
Unit 9: It has 8 arms
Unit 10: Yummy!

Hi Freezy 2

Unit 1: Back to School
Unit 2: How many apples are there?
Unit 3: Home sweet home!
Unit 4: There's a Zoo
Unit 5: She has long hair
Unit 6: I can do it!
Unit 7: I like spaghetty
Unit 8: What's the weather like?
Unit 9: I get up at six
Unit 10: At work

Hi Freezy 3

Unit 1: Welcome again!
Unit 2: Everyday activities
Unit 3: What are they doing?
Unit 4: What are you going to do...?
Unit 5: Where is the museum?
Unit 6: Time to compare!
Unit 7: I'm the best!
Unit 8: Time to cook
Unit 9: It was great!
Unit 10: I played all day

Hi Freezy 4

Unit 1: Around the world
Unit 2: Day by day
Unit 3: Looking back
Unit 4: Holidays!
Unit 5: Eat healthy!
Unit 6: Going around
Unit 7: Nature
Unit 8: Wild life
Unit 9: Get sporty!
Unit 10: Ouch!

Hi Freezy 5

Unit 1: All about me
Unit 2: Back tren
Unit 3: Doyour best!
Unit 4: Jobs
Unit 5: Go green
Unit 6: Show time
Unit 7: Help me out
Unit 8: Getling around
Unit 9: It s time to…
Unit 10: Wear it

Hi Freezy 6

Unit 1: My life
Unit 2: Then, then, then
Unit 3: Have you ever…?
Unit 4: The best!
Unit 5: It´s made of wood
Unit 6: Tell me about it
Unit 7: What did he says?
Unit 8: Would you like to...?
Unit 9: You must ...
Unit 10: What will happen if...!

Student´s book

Workbook includes

CD Rom y DVD Multimedia

It also includes a CD with audio and video. 1°, 2°, 3° y 4° Dvd rom 5° y 6° Cd rom.

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