Steps English for kids

English Pre-school

Steps is a three level program for preschool, Steps offer young learners an attractive and stimulating introduction to English. All the activities have a purpose to encourage children to be active and develop other skills as they have fun learning to speak and understand English.
The program focuses on content that is relevant to children`s lives. The children learn through an attractive combination of funny activities; take out stories, worksheet, projects, songs, stickers and their learning is further enhanced with the CD-ROM with games that motivate children as they use their growing English skills.

Steps 1

Unit 1: Welcome to school
Unit 2: My face
Unit 3: My family
Unit 4: Food
Unit 5: Pets
Unit 6: Ways to travel
Unit 7: Shapes and colors
Unit 8: Hollidays
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Steps 2

Unit 1: My classroom
Unit 2: My This is me
Unit 3: My family
Unit 4: Food
Unit 5: How I feel
Unit 6: At the farm
Unit 7: People around us
Unit 8: Hollidays
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Steps 3

Unit 1: I am healthy
Unit 2: Family and home
Unit 3: I like food
Unit 4: Clothes and weather
Unit 5: People at work
Unit 6: Wild animals
Unit 7: Means of transport
Unit 8: Our world
Unit 9: Hollidays
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Teachers resources

These materials will alow teacher's to better develop their activities in a better way. • Resource • Puppet • Flash card • Posters • Teacher’s guide

CD Rom Multimedia

It also includes a CD with songs which motivates and reinforce the class activities.

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